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Veno Occlusive Disease (VOD) Learning Programme

Veno Occlusive Disease Learning Programme EBMT Nurses Group

This Learning Programme was developed in line with the relevant national and
international guidelines regarding the diagnosis and treatment of VOD, including the recently
revised EBMT diagnosis and severity grading criteria for VOD in adults and new information on risk factors for VOD.

This tool comprises a comprehensive slide resource that can be used in its entirety or in parts. It is designed for self-learning, as well as for you to help educate colleagues on active management of VOD.

The modular format of the programme allows the tool to be adapted to a presentation format.
Whilst the modules are predefined, it is also possible for presenters to select the slides that meet their audience’s educational needs.

To view correctly, please download all files to the same folder location and open. These slides are designed to be viewed on a Windows computer. If viewed on a tablet or mobile device, some links and content may not display as intended.

VOD Quiz

Take the VOD Quiz administered by EBMT UK NAP. Registration is free and necessary so that your name can be printed on the certificate when you pass.

We welcome any feedback on how the resource is being used in your country. Please provide suggestions and feedback by emailing one of the Nurses Group Board Members.

Developed independently by the EBMT Nurses Group with support from Jazz Pharmaceuticals via an educational grant.