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Working Party Nurses

Vital in keeping close contact with the EBMT Working Parties (WP) and their scientific agendas are the Working Party Nurses. WP Nurses manage both the nursing research and nursing education activity within the WP, under the supervision of the Research Committee (RC) and the Scientific Committee (SC) respectively. As such, WP Nurses contribute to the research and education agenda of the EBMT NG RC, SC and Working Party. In addition, WP Nurses offer support and guidance in the development of research studies and educational initiatives and promote opportunities for nursing research within the WP by collaboration and dissemination.


Main Activities

  • To promote nursing research strategy and awareness within the WP
  • To carry out research adding to the body of knowledge in appropriate areas and make a contribution to the strategic development within both the EBMT NG RC and WP 
  • To support research and collaborative partnerships
  • To support dissemination of research findings through publication writing, teaching, and presentations at conferences where appropriate
  • To contribute to research within both the EBMT NG RC and WP, collaborating in the development of joint proposals and project work
  • To promote nurses as investigators within research
  • To assist in the development and delivery of educational initiatives promoting nursing issues, in line with the EBMT NG and WP
  • Any other appropriate duties as determined by the EBMT NG RC and SC