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Inborn Errors Working Party (IEWP)

The IEWP is dedicated to improving the outcome of transplantation for inborn errors of metabolism including severe congenital immunodeficiencies and metabolic diseases. 

The IEWP aim to do this through the exchange of ideas and transplant data; international collaborative retrospective studies to look at the outcome of transplant for these conditions; the development of transplant guidelines and the education of transplant physicians worldwide; and the development and use of a common registry to document and analyze results of treatment. 


Those wishing to initiate a study on behalf of IEWP are asked to fill in the document below:


IEWP webinar: Update on Diagnostic and treatment of severe combine immunodeficiencies

Registration is open for this webinar taking place on 25 May, from 16:00 to 17:30 CEST, click HERE to learn more and complete your registration.<

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