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Nurses Group Research Committee

The Research Committee is a group of clinical nurse and research specialists working to develop research projects, promote awareness of research activities, and facilitate/support active participation in research by EBMT-NG members. The Research Committee has established itself with a number of projects, presentations, and publications.

Examples of completed activities include a programme of work looking at adherence to oral medication, management of oral mucositis and a survey of guidelines for management of CVCs. Current research projects the NG-Research Committee are focusing on include:

  • Management of related donors including ethical issues
  • The management of ATG administration in JACIE-accredited centres
  • Sexuality issues in stem cell transplant recipients and their partners
  • Risk of infectious complications in adult patients after HSCT depending on the site of CVC insertion. Multi centre retrospective study in collaboration with the IDWP
  • The role of nursing in the care of patient’s skin with cutaneous chronic Graft versus Host Disease (ccGvHD) post allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
  • Infection prevention and control nursing practice and training needs assessment in BMT units in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) – A cross sectional survey In collaboration with Global Education Committee and IDWP
  • Variability of Nutritional Practices in Peritransplant Period after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Survey by the Transplant Complications Working Party of the EBMT. In collaboration with TCWP.

Nurses Group Research Team

Committee Objectives

  • To lead on and coordinate the development of nursing research within BMT/SCT.
  • To support members in developing their own research.
  • To increase capacity for research within NG members.


  • Develop research protocols within the committee.
  • Support Members to develop approved protocols.
  • Collaborate with EBMT WPs to provide nursing input to their studies and liaise with them for relevant NG studies.
  • Publish and present results of completed work.
  • Provide research knowledge through education and presentations to NG members.

Upcoming projects

  • Review capacity for nursing fields within MED A/B data collection forms to facilitate more effective processes for future research
  • Increased collaboration with Pharma companies
  • Link nurse for each EBMT WP to work as part of the RC
  • Nurses Handbook app
  • Survey on safe transfer of patients from BMT to ICU in collaboration with the Paediatric Nurses Committee.​