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Transplant Complications Working Party (TCWP)

The aim of the Transplant Complications Working Party is to conduct research as well as provide education and expertise on the subject of non-infectious complications after hematopoietic cell transplantation. The major fields of interest of the TCWP are:

  • Early complications e.g. graft failure, VOD/SOS, transplant-associated microangiopathy (TAM), other endothelial syndromes, impact of co-morbidities, toxicity of conditioning regimen and supportive care;
  • Acute and chronic graft versus host disease – all the aspects from risk factors through diagnosis to treatment;
  • Late effects – e.g. infertility, sexual dysfunction, secondary cancers, organ-specific late complications, quality of life.

The TCWP is a transversal Working Party, covering complications occurring after transplantation for all the indications. Therefore, its performance is strictly related to collaboration with disease-specific working parties, and studies directly dedicated to non-infectious complications should be performed either in or in close collaboration with TCWP. 


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