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Inspector Committee

The JACIE Inspector Committee (JIC) is an important committee promoting the JACIE Accreditation Programme by helping to develop strategies for maintaining and improving the high level and quality of inspections making recommendations for retaining a committed, high performing pool of inspectors and recruiting new inspectors.

Inspectors are the backbone of JACIE and the accreditation process, providing their time and expertise voluntarily. The committee has an influential role within the JACIE Accreditation Process in terms of advancing the inspection process, the inspector pool and in the strategic support for continuing training and education.

Inspector Committee Team

The JIC consists of a Chair plus a group of experts representing the different areas based on the expertise of JACIE inspectors: Clinical Adult Transplant, Clinical Paediatric Transplant, Haematopoietic Progenitor Cell Collection, Cell Processing and Quality Management (see below)

Committee Objectives

  • Contribute to the development of the inspection format, including inspector team composition, checklist and onsite inspection format.
  • Making recommendations for retention strategies in order to strengthen the pool of JACIE inspectors and maintain a high performing pool of inspectors.
  • Making recommendations for development of continuing training and education both online and in-person training formats.

Committee Members