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EBMT and Education

The EBMT Educational Programme

The EBMT Educational Programme plays a central role in advancing knowledge, promoting best practices, and fostering professional development in the field of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) and Cellular Therapies (CT) through:

1. Standardising education: The EBMT educational programme assumes a pivotal role in developing and standardising educational content on HCT and CT. By establishing consistent and high-quality educational materials, this programme actively contributes to providing healthcare professionals across diverse regions with a consistent level of education.

2. Keeping pace with advances: The field of HCT and CT is dynamic, with continuous advancements in research, technology, and clinical practices. The EBMT educational programme helps learners stay abreast of these developments by regularly updating educational materials and providing healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge.

3. Global collaboration: The EBMT educational programme facilitates collaboration by bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds to contribute to educational initiatives. This international perspective enriches the educational content with a broad range of experiences and approaches, fostering a global community of healthcare professionals.

4. Promoting best practices and standards in the field: By disseminating guidelines, protocols, and best practice recommendations to ensure that the EBMT community has access to the most updated educational materials.

5. Training future generations: An essential aspect of the EBMT educational programme is to contribute to the ongoing education of the next generations of healthcare professionals in HCT and CT.

6. Addressing knowledge gaps: The EBMT is committed to identifying areas where knowledge gaps or emerging challenges may exist in HCT and CT and address them through targeted educational initiatives.

7. Continuous learning culture: The EBMT contributes to fostering a culture of continuous learning within the HCT and CT fields. By providing ongoing educational opportunities, the EBMT encourages healthcare professionals to embrace lifelong learning, crucial in these rapidly evolving and complex fields of HCT and CT.

The EBMT Educational Task Force

The EBMT educational task force is led by the Scientific Council chair and co-chair, the Scientific Council educational representative, and the EBMT Medical Officer and ensures the involvement of representatives from all Working Parties, the Nurses group, the EBMT trainees, and JACIE to create a wide spectrum of educational content in HCT and CT and provide resources for professional development.

The task force is also dedicated to keeping healthcare professionals updated on the latest trends and advancements in the rapidly evolving fields of HCT and CT while harmonising educational practices in Europe and beyond.

The educational materials provided will include a range of resources such as joint WP meeting recordings, featuring interactive Q&A sessions and live discussions, annual meeting recordings, topic-focused meetings as well as recommended publications and guidelines.

The EBMT Exam

Participating in the EBMT exam offers a multitude of benefits for healthcare professionals striving to achieve high-quality education in the rapidly evolving field of HCT and CT.

The EBMT exam will take place during the 51st edition of the EBMT Annual Meeting and will consist of multiple-choice questions in English.

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The e-learning platform is designed to reach all EBMT members interested in their continuing education. Together with the collaboration of the EBMT Working Parties, the topics of interest have been established and developed in order to realize the possibility of producing online courses.

Events for EBMT Members

Members of EBMT are eligible for reduced fees for the EBMT Annual Meeting and educational events

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