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Blood Matters - a Podcast for Nurses

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The EBMT's new podcast for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals working in the field of stem cell transplantation and cell therapy.

What is Blood Matters - a Podcast for Nurses?

'Blood Matters – a Podcast for Nurses’ is a discussion and education space for nurses and health professionals working in the field of stem cell transplantation and cell therapy. Covering a wide scope of relevant topics, your hosts Clinical Educator Emma Chalmers and EBMT Nurses Group President Michelle Kenyon bring their informal interview and conversation style with a fantastic expert guest lineup.

Every month Emma and Michelle will sit down and discuss all things stem cell transplantation and cell therapy with experts in the field. Subscribe on Spotify and YouTube to get the latest episodes of Blood Matters! 

Past Episodes

Episode 13: CVC CRBSI – addressing an age old problem in 2024

In episode 13 of our podcast, hosts Emma and Hilda explore the critical issue of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections. This episode features expert guests Ton Van Boxtel and Christel Janssens, who discuss the prevalence, impact, and prevention of these infections, with a particular focus on transplant patients. Listeners will gain valuable insights into best practices for preventing Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections, the role of healthcare professionals in managing these infections, and the latest research findings. Join Emma and Hilda for a comprehensive discussion on this important topic!

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Episode 12: Understanding Lymphoma Treatment and Its Impact Today

In the new episode of our refreshed podcast series, hosts Michelle and new addition Hilda, the EBMT Nurses Group President Elect, kick off the season by inviting Jenni Davies and Lorna Warwick to discuss the care and treatment for patients with Lymphoma. From dissecting the intricate changes in lymphoma treatment over the past five years to discussing the role of transplantation amidst evolving therapies, this episode offers an enlightening exploration of the field's recent developments. The episode concludes with a rapid-fire round and a summary from hosts Hilda and Michelle. Don't miss this informative episode marking the beginning of an exciting new season!


Episode 11: GvHD Exposed: Unravelling the Basics

In Episode 11, Emma and Michelle delve into the complex world of Graft-versus-Host Disease (GvHD) with expert guests Zinaida Peric and Sophie van Lancker. From unravelling the science behind GvHD to exploring its prevalence and cutting-edge treatments, this episode promises a captivating journey through the latest advancements and personal insights. Join the hosts and their guests for a dynamic conversation that demystifies GvHD, providing listeners with valuable knowledge and a deeper understanding of this critical medical condition.


Episode 10: Navigating Early Careers: Advanced Clinical Practice Roles and Careers in Transplant and Cell Therapy

Explore the world of transplant nursing and advanced clinical practice in this episode. Hosts Michelle and Emma with guests Daniel Kisielewski, Britt Snoek, and Diana Comerford share insights on career aspirations, challenges for early-career nurses in 2023, and the importance of advanced roles. Discover the career pathways, recognition, and differences between Specialist Nurses and Advanced Clinical Practitioners. Don't miss this engaging discussion on the evolving landscape of nursing careers.

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Episode 9: Taking Care of the Caregivers: Mental Health and Wellbeing for Nurses

In this episode of Blood Matters- a podcast for Nurses, hosts Emma and Michelle explore the critical topic of mental health within the healthcare profession. Joined by experts Ross McIntosh and Surabhi Chaturvedi, the conversation delves into the prevalence of mental health issues, the impact of training on mental well-being, and insights into addiction and self-harm among healthcare professionals. The discussion also addresses the challenging environments that contribute to mental health issues for nurses and offers practical advice on self-care and supporting colleagues. Join us for this insightful and important discussion on caring for the mental health of healthcare professionals.

Episode 8: Reflecting on the Past and Planning for the Future: A Glimpse into 2023 and 2024

In this episode, Michelle and Emma look back on our last seven episodes and the events of September in EBMT. They also share a sneak peek of what's coming in 2023 and 2024. Tune in for a fun and informative discussion about our past and future!

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Episode 7: Writing Compelling Abstracts: Tips, Tricks, and Practical Advice

This month your hosts Emma and Michelle are excited to be talking about writing abstracts. Putting pen to paper and starting your abstract can be a daunting task for even the most experienced professional, which is why we’ve asked two experts in the field for their advice. Throughout this episode, Annika Kisch and Marijke Quaghebeur share their tips, tricks, and advice to guide you through the abstract writing process. They also discuss why it’s important that nurses get involved and submit abstracts to further their professional development and share their valuable knowledge with the community. Grab yourself a notebook and pen, because this episode is full of valuable tips and tricks! 

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Episode 6: Nutritional Insights in Stem Cell Therapies

In this episode Michelle and Emma are joined by our first Allied Health Professional guests, Nicola Scott and Christel Kuppers. Nicola and Christel are nutritionists working in the field of Stem Cell Therapies. Together, they give us an insight into their individual practice's, insights from the field, and how nurses can support their patients in this area. As always, there is plenty of food for thought throughout this episode to take into your own practice.

Episode 5: Nursing Care in CAR-T Cell Therapy: Challenges and Best Practices

This month we’re discussing all things CAR-T with two experienced nurses in the field, Ruth Clout and Marjola Gjergji, who give us an insight into the Paediatric and Adult fields. Together with our hosts, they discuss the field of CAR-T, how we can best support our patients in this devleoping area, and the future of these treatments. Ruth and Marjola also share their personal experiences, hopes, and excitement about CAR-T and the opportunities they give our patients. Join us and listen today. 

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Episode 4: Myeloma, 2023 and Beyond

On this month’s episode, we’re covering all things myeloma, past, present, and beyond. Our hosts Emma and Michelle are joined by two experts in the myeloma field, Dr Graham Jackson and EBMT’s Chronic Malignancies Working Party (CMWP) Lead Nurse, Maaike de Ruijter. Together they discuss the current state of myeloma and their hopes for the future of patient care and treatment in the myeloma field. They also cover third sector organisations and how they can help our patients and nurses. Settle in for an interesting conversation with some of the field's brightest. 

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Episode 3: The 49th Annual Meeting of the EBMT, Our Highlights

The 49th Annual Meeting of the EBMT has finished and to recap the momentous event  Emma and Michelle are joined by three special guests; Thomas Jezequel, Marijke Quaghebeur, and Hilda Mekelenkamp.  
During this episode, they dive into all the highlights and surprises from the annual meeting and share what they are taking back to their centres. They also discuss why we should all be attending EBMT events and how to get involved in EBMT working parties and groups.
Grab yourself a coffee and listen to their experiences and thoughts on the first in-person Annual Meeting of the EBMT since 2019.

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Episode 2: Let's Talk About Sex

This month Emma and Michelle are joined by experts from the field, John Murray and Angela Leather from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, to discuss sex and intimacy during and after transplant treatment. Together they explore and simplify approaches for discussing this often sensitive topic with patients, provide practical tips, and highlight the challenges patients face in their sexual and intimate life. Tune in for valuable insights and advice for nurses and patients alike.

Episode 1: Introduction to the EBMT and Nurses Group

In the first episode of Blood Matters - a Podcast for Nurses your hosts Emma and Michelle are joined by the current EBMT President, Anna Sureda. Together they discuss the history of EBMT, the current education and research initiatives and programs being offered by EBMT and the Nurses Group that nurses and AHPs can access to enhance their knowledge, development and broaden their network, and their own professional development within the EBMT.

Trailer: Blood Matters - a Podcast for Nurses

Coming in Mid-March is a new podcast, Blood Matters - a Podcast for Nurses, organised by the EBMT Nurses Group and hosted by Clinical Educator Emma Chalmers and the EBMT Nurses Group President Michelle Kenyon. Blood Matters will cover a range of topics relevant to nurses and AHPs working in the field of stem cell transplantation and cell therapy and will include interviews with experts in the field every month. Subscribe on Spotify and YouTube today!