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Individual Membership

List of benefits

  • Become part of one of one of the 11 Working Parties.
  • Enjoy the discounted Member rate to attend the Annual Meeting of the EBMT and other EBMT Educational Events.*
  • Continue your education by having member access to the EBMT E-learning platform. Content in the platform includes: Webinars, e-Courses for Nurses, Data Managers and Trainees, Sessions from previous EBMT Educational Events and an online forum.
  • Receive information about co-operative studies and results of EBMT Research projects.
  • Get free online access to Bone Marrow Transplantation, the official journal of the EBMT. Access includes all regular issues of the journal and any supplements.*
  • Receive our EBMT monthly newsletter, updates about EBMT Educational Events and all EBMT Activities.*
  • Be the first to receive the annual EBMT Activity Survey – the tool for assessing the real picture of HSCT and cellular therapy in Europe.*

*Patient and patient advocates individual benefits

Individual Membership Category

You can read more about our Individual Membership by clicking the box below.

Full Individual Membership

Full Membership

From Provisional to Full membership

Applicants fulfilling all the requirements to be become an EBMT member will be granted Provisional Membership. Provisional Membership is a temporary status with the same benefits as Full Membership. The EBMT Secretary presents all membership applications for approval at the General Assembly Meeting that takes place at the Annual Meeting. The General Assembly approves final admission. Having been accepted, individuals are granted Full Membership.


To apply for membership you must include the signatures of two individuals from centres with Full or Associate Membership acting as sponsors. Review the Centre Membership page for more information on these memberships. 

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Individual Membership Fees

Individual Membership Fees

See below for the Individual Membership fees.

Membership Who Fee per Year
Individual Physician €200
  Nurse €40
  Lab technician €40
  Pharmacist €40
  Student €40
  Patient advocate €40
  Other individuals €200

Categories eligible for discounted membership

Low-to-Middle-Income Countries (LMIC)

Low-to-Middle-Income Countries (LMIC)

Countries which are defined as low-income economies (US$1,045 or less GNI per capita) or as lower-middle-income economies (US$1,046 to US$4,095 GNI per capita), as defined by The World Bank Group, are eligible to apply for membership with the EBMT at a reduced membership fee.

Check this webpage to see if your country is eligible for LMIC Membership. Countries listed under the headings “Low-Income Economies” and “Lower-Middle-Income Economies” will be considered for LMIC Membership.*

Membership Who Fee per year
Individual All Individuals €200  €40  €20

*Please note that all rights and obligations available to full-paying members are also available to LMIC Members.

Non-European members

Non-European Members

All non-European countries are eligible to apply for membership with the EBMT at a reduced membership fee*. Click here to view the list of European countries, the countries listed here are not eligible for this discount. All other countries are eligible to apply. 

Membership Who Fee per Year
Individual Physician €200  €100
  Nurse €40  €20
  Lab technician €40  €20
  Pharmacist €40  €20
  Student €40  €20
  Patient / Patient advocate €40  €20
  Other individuals €200  €100

*Reduced membership fee is only for the 1st year of membership. After the 1st year, members pay the regular fee.


Student Discount

The EBMT prioritises education, so we want to make sure that we welcome students in our community. Students that are actively involved in the fields of transplantation, gene therapy and cellular therapy and that are interested in the activities of the EBMT are eligible to apply at a reduced membership fee.

Proof of enrolment is necessary for us to verify that you are a student. Having an MD or PhD is not necessary for students, and neither is having at least two years of experience. Lastly, when filling out the application form don’t forget to indicate your role as a “Student”.

Membership Who Fee per year
Individual Students €200  €40