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Apply for EBMT Membership

We are happy to welcome you to our community. Before applying, please make sure you are aware of the following:

  • New members are admitted by submitting a membership application form to the Excecutive Office. This application must include the signatures, or preferably a signed letter, of two individuals from centres with Full or Associate Membership acting as sponsors. Review the Centre Membership page for more information.
  • Annual fees are invoiced each year after the Annual Meeting of the EBMT. Invoices are sent to members by e-mail in PDF format. 
  • Applicants fulfilling all the requirements to become an EBMT Member will be granted Provisional Membership. Provisional Membership is a temporary status with the same benefits as Full Membership with the exception that Provisional members do not have voting rights and may not stand for election as officers. 
  • Centres will be given password-protected access to the EBMT Registry to start reporting data.

Membership Rules

All EBMT Members must comply with the following rules in order to avoid suspension or termination of membership by the EBMT Board:

  • Each Member pays an annual membership fee to the EBMT. If you wish to terminate your membership, you should inform the Membership Officer immediately ( The member fee structure can only be altered through a decision by the General Assembly. Information about current fees is publicly displayed on the EBMT website. Review the “Fees" section on the Centre Membership or the Individual Membership page for further details.
  • In accordance with the bylaws, centres and individuals not paying the membership fee for two consecutive years will be deleted from the membership list and lose all the rights and privileges of an EBMT Member.

Contact Us

If you have any questions related to EBMT Membership please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question is not listed here please don't hesitate to contact our team at:

If you have any questions regarding data, or if you would like more information please visit the Data Collection page in the EBMT Registry section or contact the Registry Help Desk: