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Frequently Asked Membership Questions

How can we help you?

Below you will find answers to the most popular questions we get asked when it comes to EBMT Membership. If you can't find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact

How can I add or delete members from my CIC/Centre?

Please fill in the form named “Add or delete members from your CIC” located here on our website.

How can I request to modify the billing address of a membership fee invoice?

To modify the billing address of a membership invoice, please contact It is mandatory to add in the subject line the following:

  1. Your CIC number
  2. The invoice number

How can I apply for a Centre or Individual Membership?

If you would like to apply for Membership with the EBMT, please visit this page.

We would like to inform you about the following important part of the application form:

It requires 2 sponsors in order for it to be accepted. What we mean by sponsors is: 2 current EBMT members. When submitting your application, please attach the signature or preferably a letter signed by each sponsor to your application form. For any further information regarding the different memberships we offer, we recommend you to please visit the Centre Membership page or the Individual Membership page.

How can I get the list of members of my CIC/Centre?

To get the list of the members of your CIC/Centre, please contact our membership assistant at: membership@ebmt.orgPlease note that we can only provide the membership list if it was requested by the Principal Investigator (PI) or a current member of the centre (with the PI in cc).

How can I change the Principal Investigator of my Centre?

To change your Centre’s Principal Investigator, please fill in the form named "Change the Principal Investigator of a Centre" located here on our website then send it back to us scanned and signed. 

Please be advised that the form requires the previous Principal Investigator's (PI's) signature. In case it is not possible to get the previous PI's signature, please also send us a signed/stamped letter from your Centre certifying the change of PI.

How do I reactivate my CIC/Centre?

In order to reactivate your Centre, we will please need you to fill in the Centre Membership application form located here on our website. Normally, the form requires 2 sponsors in order for it to be accepted. However in the case of reactivation, it is not necessary to find two sponsors and your application is eligible to be accepted without any specified sponsors. We recommend you attach blank documents during the sponsors part of the application process so you can progress through the application form. 

In the case where the actual Principal Investigator is different from the one currently listed in your Centre, we will also please need to receive the form "Change the Principal Investigator of a Centre" located here.

When will my Provisional Membership be converted to Full Membership?

Your Membership will be converted to Full at the next EBMT General Assembly Meeting which takes place at the Annual Meeting of the EBMT.

Provisional Membership is a temporary status with the same benefits as Full Membership with the exception that Provisional Centre Members do not have voting rights and may not stand for election as officers. There is no difference for Individual Members.

Full Centre Membership requires clinical transplant centres to commit to submit a minimum set of data on all patients treated in their centre on an annual basis. The duty is to report all consecutive haematopoietic stem cell transplants and other cellular therapies and follow-up data. 

Contact us

Membership: for any amendment to your team composition, or for any questions about your invoice, please contact the Membership Assistant at:

Registry: For any help with reporting data in the EBMT Registry or for any specific questions regarding registration of transplant data or data flow please contact the EBMT Registry at the following email:

Studies: If you are interested in specific studies or protocols, please contact the Chairperson of the corresponding Working Party. You will find their contact details in the Directory section of the website.

JACIE Accreditation: Should you require any information about the JACIE Accreditation Programme, or wish to receive a JACIE manual, please contact: