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Scientific Committee of the EBMT Nurses Group

An exciting opening has arisen to join the Scientific Committee (SC) for the EBMT Nurses Group offering exciting opportunities for interested and motivated nurses to join the existing team.

The SC in collaboration with the EBMT Nurses Group President and President Elect/ Past President, other Committees and various Nurse Groups, aims to co-ordinate and provide a range of educational activities for nurses and allied health professionals within the field of Haematology, Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) and immune effector cell therapy.

Applicants must be an EBMT member and will be required to speak, read and write English sufficiently enough to be able to communicate effectively. Access to email and phone is mandatory. Potential candidates should be working currently within the field of Haematology and HSCT.

Roles and responsibilities

In order to make the most of the team’s wealth of experience and ideas, you will meet face to face with the other members of the committee four times a year.

  1. During the EBMT Annual Meeting (March/April)
  2. Post congress (April/May)
  3. The Board & All Committees meeting (September/October)
  4. Abstract selection meeting (November)

You will also share information and updates through teleconferencing and e-mail. The committee designates within the group all tasks that need to be performed in order to achieve the committee objectives.

The scientific committee will present an annual report with an update of their activities to the EBMT NG Board with a proposal for operational expenses where required. The annual report is submitted to the NG Board on or before 1st of September to be discussed at the annual Board and All Committees meeting.

The SC will report in writing an interim update of their activities to EBMT NG board after receiving a request from the link person (will be requested 2 weeks prior to a board meeting). The committee designates within the group all tasks that need to be performed in order to achieve the committee objectives.

As a member of the SC you will play a key role in the organisation of the EBMT Annual Meeting. This involves:

  • Designing the programs for the nurse’s education day and the main meeting
  • Abstract judging and selection for oral and poster presentations at the main meeting
  • Allocating space in the programme for symposia and other sponsored sessions


If you are interested in this great opportunity to join our dynamic team, please send a copy of your CV and a statement of support outlining your relevant experience working in the field of BMT and why you wish to be considered for this role to:

Daphna Hutt, EBMT Nurses Group Secretary:

When submitting your application, please consider your availability at the end June or early July 2021 when the Scientific Committee will be meeting to begin the preparations and planning for EBMT 2022, Prague.

DEADLINE for applications is Friday 24th September midday.

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