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Nurses Group Activity Report 2023

EBMT Nurses Group (NG) is committed to patient care through education, research and international network collaboration.

The EBMT NG is one of the leading groups in the field of haematology and HCT nursing. It is dedicated to improving the care of patients receiving HSCT and promoting excellence in and through evidence-based practice. The NG’s mission is to enhance and value the nursing role all over the world, supporting and sharing knowledge through communication, advocacy, research, training and education.

Major achievements

For the Nurses Group, 2023 was a year of great experiences and achievements. Successes included the release of the second edition of the EBMT Textbook for Nurses, which like the first edition, is free to download and includes a new chapter on cell therapy. We enjoyed our first in person Annual Meeting programme since the COVID-19 pandemic, the 15th Educational Meeting in Madrid, September, the launch of EBMT NG – Next Generation project building a community for early career Transplant and Cell Therapy nurses and the introduction of Blood Matters – an EBMT podcast for Nurses.

This year we focussed on inclusivity and addressing barriers that nurses experience in accessing valuable educational opportunities. To this end, we offered more education grants than ever before (including to two Ukrainian nurses who joined us in Paris for the Annual Meeting) and provided local language translation at our main meetings.

This year, the EBMT Nurses Group is proud and grateful to have enjoyed global collaborations working across the European continent and beyond including a virtual educational workshop for nurses in Nigeria with WBMT and the hybrid 2nd EBMT China Nurses Forum. One of our great achievements closer to home was our own EBMT NG educational meeting in collaboration with the Spanish Nurses Group, in Madrid. This, our first ever fully integrated research and education programme with simultaneous English-Spanish translation, was very warmly received and well evaluated.

Principal research studies