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Resistance pattern of Gram-negative bacteria isolated from blood from HSCT recipients

There is a significant increase in resistant bacteria emerging in HSCT recipients. These resistant bacteria may be associated with increased mortality and the treatment options are limited. To provide the currently best empirical coverage and to control the growing resistance, knowledge of trends in antibiotic susceptibility as well as risk factors is essential. For this reason we would like to perform a non-interventional prospective multicentre study among EBMT centres. Within 1 year we aim to collect 365 episodes of Gram-negative bacterial infections by following 3650 transplants recipients. The background information about the transplantations will be collected via the standard MED A form. Data on all the episodes of Gram-negative bacteria blood stream infections will be collected prospectively from the initiation of the conditioning treatment until the end of the first 6 months after the HSCT (or death or lost follow-up, if they occur earlier). Data on the patients who will develop a Gram-negative infection will be reported using a special MED C form and includes data on the pathogen and antimicrobial susceptibility of the pathogen, presence of certain risk factors at the time of infection, treatment and outcome. The responsibility of centers participating in this study will be to fill the MED C form within 3 months of the Gram-negative bacteremia episode. Study period: February 2014 – July 2015. (It is possible to start after February 2014). When your centre is interested in participating in this important study, please complete the Centre Registration Form or contact the IDWP Data Office at Thanking you in advance for your collaboration, Sincerely, Dina Averbuch Dan Engelhard Simone Cesaro Study Investigator Study Investigator IDWP Chair

Infectious Diseases Working Party (IDWP)
Study number:
Type of transplant:
Short title:
Gram-negative bacteremia
Study status:
Deadline for data collection:
Study design:
non-interventional prospective
Primary objective:
To determine the incidence and pattern of antimicrobials resistance among Gram-negative bacteria isolated from blood in HSCT patients during the first 6 months after the transplantation.
Key inclusion criteria:
allo or auto HSCT for all indications for any age
Principal investigator:
Dina Averbuch
Principal investigator email:
EBMT Study coordinator:
Jennifer Hoek