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General Assembly Meeting

EBMT Board 2019
EBMT Board Members in EBMT 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

EBMT Members were able to attend the General Assembly Meeting on Tuesday March 26 for an update on the EBMT's main activities.

View the presentations.

New board and committee members

Harry Dolstra - EBMT Treasurer

Nina Worel - Donor Outcomes Committee Chair

Jürgen Kuball - Legal & Regulatory Affairs Chair

Nurses Group

Michelle Kenyon - NG President Elect

NG Scientific committee

Caroline Bompoint - Chair

Janet Baker - Member

Marijke Quaghebeur - Member

Sandra Schoenfeld – Member

Klara Kabatova-Maxova - Member

About the NG Scientific committee

NG Communication and Networking Committee

Diana Comerford – Member

About the NG Communication and Networking Committee


EBMT Annual Report 2018