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Nurses Group Communication & Networking Committee

The Nurses Group Communication and Networking Committee, in collaboration with the EBMT Communication Coordinator, other committees and various Nurses groups, aims to maintain the EBMT Nurses Group profile through improvements across all communication channels, including the website, the newsletter, and social media platforms. The committee is committed to improving networking with the various Nurses Groups in the interest of further developing educational activities for nurses and allied health professionals within the field of haematology and stem cell transplantation.

The committee is composed of three members and supported by the EBMT Nurses Group Administrative Assistant. The committee shall include members from at least two different countries in order to reflect the diversity of EBMT Nurses Group membership in Europe and to maintain a variety of contacts within these countries; and no more than two representatives shall be from the same country. The official language of the committee is English. 

NG Communication & Networking Team

Committee Objectives

  • Actively and effectively work to share news and output of the Nurses Group members
  • Ensure that Nurses Group priorities and activities are clearly communicated through all available channels
  • Encourage networking among Nurses Group members in order to create useful and current educational materials for dissemination among the broader HSCT community.


  • Update and improve the Nursing section on the EBMT Website 
  • Update the Newsletter and deliver content for publication
  • Regularly coordinate with other Nurses group and committees for input and to create content for the website & newsletter and other communication channels

Upcoming projects

  • Cell infusion and CVC care videos


If you are interested in collaborating with us on any of our work, or if you have any comments, queries, or would like to alert us of important news that you would like to share with the wider community, please send us an email at​.