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Message from Kader Caliskan, EBMT Turkey Nurses Group Chair

Nurses Group

The most important step of my professional career started in 2010 with involvement in BMT field. I have been working at Anadolu Medical Center since 2010. I have worked in various charges in the Bone Marrow field: as a KIT Nurse, Case Manager and Coordinator, and I’m working currently as a Quality Manager at adult BMT.

EBMT Turkey Nurses Group, which I am honored and happy to work as National Chair, was founded in 2015 by our highly experienced colleagues as a part of the EBMT.

As EBMT Turkey NG, our aim in this journey is:

  • To develop and strengthen HSCT nursing
  • To increase individual and public awareness about stem cell transplantation
  • To increase patient care and patient quality of life
  • To increase the interest of our young colleagues in the field, and
  • To encourage long-term work in the field.

Our main aims are organising training programs for the development of HSCT nursing, ensuring and improving the continuity of the training programs. Since the date of our establishment, we have held a total of 32 courses/congresses and one consensus meeting and reached 2,949 colleagues. Apart from the courses and congresses, we have regularly held monthly online trainings for 2 years and more than 30 centers took parts in these trainings. On arranging our programs, we gave priority to the subjects especially needed in this field.

This year, we achieved the first leading step in which we organised the first course program specially related to pediatric HSCT. Our basic philosophy in all the programs carried out by us was the development of professional research and knowledge in the field of HSCT, establishing patient care standards, increasing the quality of care, and strengthening the cooperation and communication of HSCT nurses.

"Knowledge is power, we are stronger with knowledge" is always my biggest motivation and also it is the case for my colleagues who have devoted themselves to this field. We are happy and proud of being a big family on this path we have set out in the light of science.

EBMT Turkey Nurses Group