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JACIE short accreditation process

JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee

JACIE has prepared a short accreditation process leading to a 2-year accreditation period in order to satisfy accreditation needs of centers affected by the delays of the COVID-19 pandemic. Centers seeking reaccreditation have been stratified and scored according to their activity. Lower scoring applications were considered low risk and are subject to a desk-based document review, while medium or higher scoring centers are additionally subject to a focused remote or onsite inspection.

The first group of centers, whose accreditation expired or will expire soon have been contacted and informed and inspector teams have already been assigned to centers in Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Belgium and Turkey.  

We also hope that the short accreditation process will bring a new vision on how JACIE inspectors around the world can be more engaged as remote inspections or document based desk review assessments give the possibility for inspecting without the need to travel.

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