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JACIE Short Process

JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee

As of the end of September, JACIE has started to contact centres that are eligible for the Short Process. The applicant will need to sign an amendment to the agreement that refers to the conditions and outcomes of this focussed accreditation. 

The immediate next step for centres that agree to be part of the Short Process is to upload/update their pre-audit documentation in SharePoint, the platform that JACIE has implemented to exchange documentation between centres and inspectors. The documentation required for the Short Process consists of: 

  • The Standard set of JACIE pre-audit documentation folders. 
  • The Checklist, which has been modified to fit the scope of accreditation of the Short Process, including the removal of the Med-A tap, which is out of the scope of accreditation. 
  • An additional set of documentation specific for the Short Process.
  • A video of the facilities to be inspected (optional/required depending on the eligibility of the centre)

Participating in the Short Process will require centres to submit quite a high volume of documentation. This will be essential because the inspectors will need to see evidence to assess the Standards by performing a document-based review. In a normal onsite inspection, the centre would already be expected to show these documents onsite and in the absence of an onsite visit, we would like to facilitate the inspectors work by providing the evidence that will show the centre's compliance. 

As soon as centres provide the required documentation, an Inspection team will start the revision which will take 4 weeks for those centres that are only desk based. Medium- and high-risk centres will require further focussed inspection. The inspectors' assessments will be documented in an inspection report and presented to the JACIE Accreditation Committee. If any issues are identified, the centre will be required to respond with corrective actions before the accreditation can be awarded. Note that the outcome of the inspection process at any level could require further assessment of the centre where issues of sufficient concern are identified.