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EBMT 2024 Annual Meeting - Message from EBMT President, Anna Sureda


I hope you enjoyed this year's 50th Annual Meeting of the EBMT more than ever. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in Glasgow with numerous events and details designed to highlight the history of our society since its creation by Eliane Gluckman, John Van Rood, and Bruno Speck in 1974. From the timeline showcasing the achievements of our past presidents to the blue cupcakes at the welcome reception, every detail reflected our rich history.

The opening ceremony was particularly moving. With Eliane Gluckman, the only surviving founder of EBMT, we reviewed the significant milestones in transplantation and cell therapy, as well as the professionalisation of EBMT as a scientific society. Our mission—focused on innovation, research, and advancing cellular and stem cell-based therapies to save and improve the lives of patients with blood-related disorders—remains steadfast.

Glasgow was the perfect city for this special celebration. The local organising committee, led by the Congress co-presidents, Grant McQuacker and Charles Craddock, and the Scientific Committee co-chairs, Anne Parker and Victoria Potter, did an excellent job. The scientific quality of the sessions was exceptional, new formats were introduced, and our commitment to "Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion" (EDI) was evident, balancing seasoned experts and rising stars. The social program featured a Civic Reception hosted by the Lord Provost of Glasgow and a networking event at Platform Glasgow, where we enjoyed dancing to Scottish bagpipes. Even the weather was partially in our favor.

The meeting was a resounding success in terms of participation. We had over 4,700 in-person and more than 900 virtual registered participants. Over 200 oral presentations and more than 1,000 posters were showcased, with attendees from over 100 countries. Networking, complicity, and camaraderie shone through every coffee and lunch break.

The success of this event is a testament to teamwork. I am immensely proud and grateful to the entire EBMT operational team for their dedication, enthusiasm, and collaboration in preparing our most significant scientific and educational event of the year. Congratulations to the local organising committee, speakers, and moderators for their outstanding work.

A special thank you to John Snowden, who stepped down as Secretary this year, and to Raffaella Greco, Rafael de la Cámara, and Bertram Glass, who completed their terms as Chairs of the Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Lymphoma Working Parties, respectively. We warmly welcome Raffaella Greco as the new Secretary of EBMT, and Tobias Alexander, Dina Averbuch, and Ali Bazarbachi as the new Chairs of the Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Lymphoma Working Parties (read more about the Election Results 2024).

We also remembered Richard Szydlo, medical statistician at Imperial College London and long-standing member of the EBMT Statistical Committee, who passed away in December 2023, and Riccardo Saccardi, who passed away in February 2024. Riccardo made enormous contributions as Chair of the Autoimmune Diseases Working Party from 2004 to 2010 and as Medical Director of JACIE from 2016 to 2020.

We now look forward to our next Annual Meeting in Florence in 2025. The local scientific committee is already preparing a top-quality scientific program with a distinctive local flavour. Riccardo, your legacy and scientific ideas will be honoured in Florence, making it even more special than Glasgow.

In the meantime, stay safe and join us for the additional EBMT activities happening throughout this year!