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E-learning courses & webinars 2021

In 2020, the EBMT began offering free, live webinars, hosted by experts, for all EBMT members. The webinars are on specialized topics pertaining to HSCT and Cellular Therapy, and consist of an expert’s dissertation with a series of slides.

View the list of webinars and workshops that were organised in 2021 - The video and slides are available for EBMT members on the e-learning platform.

Physicians generic webinars

  • Role of ATG/ATLG in stem cell transplantation - Francesca Bonifazi
  • Maintenance therapy after allogeneic SCT in AML- Andreas Burchert (speaker), Ali Barzabachi (moderator)
  • ECP for acute and chronic GvHD - Hildegard Greinix (speaker)
  • Thrombotic Microangiopathy –associated with HSCT (TA-TMA). Enric Carreras (speakers), Olaf Penack (moderator)
  • Autologous SCT for multiple myeloma: a journey from past to future - Mohamad Mohty (speaker), Stefan Schönland (moderator)
  • CAR-T Cells in B-ALL: adults vs. Pediatrics - Arnon Nagler & Susana Rives (speakers), Stefan Mielke (moderator)
  • Conditioning prior to allogeneic transplantation: myeloablative, non-myeloablative or reduced-intensity? - Didier Blaise (speaker), Nicolaus Kröger (moderator)
    Long-term cardio-vascular complications after transplantation. Christian Arranto (Speaker), Jakob Passweg (Moderator).

Paediatric Diseases Working Party webinars

  • How to transplant patients with Sickle Cell disease in 2021- Selim Corbacioglu (speaker), Josu De La Fuente (moderator)
  • Hormonal replacement therapy in iatrogenic gonadal insufficiency after HSCT: practical recommendations - Alessandro Cattoni (speaker), Adriana Cristina Balduzzi (moderator).
  • How to treat chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease in 2021- Daniel Wolff (speaker), Jörg Halter (moderator).
  • How to treat acute Graft-versus-Host Disease in 2021 - Anita Lawitschka (speaker), Greinix Hildegard (moderator)
  • Adoptive transfer of virus-specific T-cells (VST) - Tobias Feuchtinger (speaker), Peter Lang (moderator)
  • How to transplant patients with Thalassemia in 2021? - Josu De La Fuente (speaker), Lawrence Faulkner (moderator).
  • How to diagnose and treat Veno-occlusive Disease in 2021? - Krzysztof Kalwak (speaker), Selim Corbacioglu (moderator)
  • EBMT PDWP Symposium on Challenges in CAR T cell therapy for Paediatric ALL. Adriana Balduzzi, Persis Amrolia, Shannon Maude, Andre Baruchel (speakers), Matthias Eyrich, Tobias Feuchtinger (moderators)

Inborn Errors Working Party webinars

  • Update on diagnostic and treatment of severe combined immunodeficiencies- Mirjam van der Burg, Manfred Hönig, Claire Booth (speakers), Arjan Lankaster, Bénédicte Neven (moderators)
  • Cellular therapy in inborn errors of metabolism: indications and perspectives - Rob Wynn, Maria Ester Bernardo (speakers), Michael Albert, Bénédicte Neven (moderators)

JACIE webinars

  • Inspector Sessions - An operational update - Tuula Rintala, Angela Ruso, Riccardo Saccrdi (speakers), Tuula Rintala, Aurora Vassanelli (moderators)
  • Remote Inspections – Feedback from the Pilot Inspections. Carla Sánchez, Raquel Espada, Frederic Bernard, Massimiliano De Bortoli, Angela Ruso (speakers), Sandra Loaiza, Giancarlo Bastianelli (moderators)
  • JACIE Short Accreditation Process - Angela Ruso, Raquel Espada, Taís Valdes Lindolfo Fraga Losada, Anna Pasztor (speakers), Aurora Vassanelli (moderator)
  • How to Complete a JACIE Inspection Report – Pitfalls and Shortcuts. Anne Emmett, Deborah Richardson, Olga Lopez-Villar, Charles Crawley (speakers), Lynn Manson (moderator)

Other webinars


  • Haplo-Identical HSCT, Methods and Practices Around the Globe - Andrea Bacigalupo, Xiao-Jun Huang, Leo Luznik (speakers), Hildegard Greinix, Nicolaus Kröger (moderators)

EBMT & EHA, together with King Faisal Hospital Riyadh

  • GoCart Clinical Cases Webinars:November. Speaker panel: Julio Delgado, Monique Minnema and Martin Dreyling


  • EBMT Benchmarking: The What, How and When? - Riccardo Saccardi, Hein Putter, Dirk-Jan Eikema (speakers)
  • Good Practices for evaluating quality, safety and efficacy of novel tissue and cellular therapies and products - EuroGTP II Methodologies and Tools - EBMT&EuroGTPII (organizers), Anne Marie Walraven & Jaime Tabera (moderators)


  • EBMT Online Learning Course for Nurses
  • HSCT in Autoimmune Diseases e-Course – ADWP
  • CAR-T cells for Data Managers
  • Trainee Committee e-course – Chimera
  • Statistical Course - 2021 Edition (on-demand material from live session)
  • IEWP Webinars Course
  • PDWP Webinars Course
  • Physicians Webinars e-course 2021
  • EBMT Benchmarking Webinar

JACIE e-courses

  • JACIE Inspectors Course
  • 7th Edition JACIE Inspectors Exams
  • 8th Edition JACIE Inspectors Exams
  • JACIE Inspector Committee (webinars and materials)

Events content on-demand on the e-learning platform

  • Chronic Malignancies Working Party Event 
  • 3rd European CAR-T cell Meeting
  • 47th EBMT Annual Meeting (Virtual) 
  • 6th International Transplant Course (Virtual)
  • Autoimmune Diseases Working Party Event
  • Transplant Complications Working Party Educational Meeting
  • EBMT Registry Annual Data Management Educational Event
  • 24th Infectious Diseases Working Party Educational Course
  • Paediatric Diseases Working Party Educational Course on Cancer Predisposition
  • 13th International Study Day & 5th Research Study Day