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Activity report 2021 of the Trainee Committee

The EBMT trainee committee was established in 2021, on behalf of the young ambassadors 2020, with the overall aim of addressing the specific needs of trainees working in bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy, as well as providing advice and support for trainees at all levels. The group is composed of trainees and young investigators with a broad range of experience and interests and serves to provide a platform for trainees to engage with the wider EBMT community.

Activity Report 2021

Since being officially established as a formal EBMT committee following the Board Meeting in January 2021, the EBMT Trainee Committee has had a busy first year, growing in members and pursuing numerous projects with the aim of increasing training and educational opportunities for trainees in BMT and cellular therapies and addressing inequalities.


  • March 2021 - EBMT Trainee Session at Annual Meeting (virtual on demand)
  • Building from this we are very excited to have established the 1st EBMT Trainee Day for the Annual Meeting 2022 with a timetable of trainee-relevant sessions including management of complications and experiences of trainees around the world
  • E-learning platform “Chimera”
    • 1st module officially launched 2nd November with several other modules in production, hoping for 2nd module release early December and subsequent to follow in the new year
  • EBMT Meeting summary reports- EBMT/EHA CAR-T meeting, EBMT Annual Meeting, EBMT Covid summit, EBMT ITC 2021
  • EBMT Trainee Case Presentations at the ITC 2021 followed by interactive case discussions
  • EBMT Trainee Committee Podcast- ongoing, available through EBMT website/apple/Spotify and EBMT Trainee Committee Youtube Channel
  • Collaborations:
    • YoungEHA- EBMT/Young EHA session at the 2022 EHA/EBMT CAR-T Conference
    • TCWP- EBMT Trainee Days and free access for trainees to TCWP annual meeting
    • LABMT- providing opportunities for trainees in countries where access to training opportunities is more limited
  • EBMT Trainee Committee Survey: Addressing inequalities in BMT/cellular therapy exposure across and beyond the EBMT community, due to close end November 21 and analysis presented at the EBMT Annual Meeting 2022.