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Trainee Committee

The EBMT trainee committee was established in 2021, on behalf of the young ambassadors 2020, with the overall aim of addressing the specific needs of trainees working in bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy, as well as providing advice and support for trainees at all levels. The group is composed of trainees and young investigators with a broad range of experience and interests and serves to provide a platform for trainees to engage with the wider EBMT community.

Trainee Committee Chairs

Committee Objectives

  • Increase quality of training and education with subsequent higher quality of patient care and research across EBMT centres.
  • Formalize translational training in BMT and cellular therapy. Increase awareness and establish the role of the EBMT exam and transplant course. 
  • Encourage medical students and young haematologists to consider a career in BMT and cellular therapy.
  • Address the inequalities in BMT and cellular therapy exposure and education amongst medical students and junior doctors internationally. 


  • Lobby for young investigators to be involved with international EBMT studies and research
  • Collaborate with other EBMT working parties/committees to promote and advise about the needs of trainees. Encourage better communication and understanding between trainees and EBMT 
  • Communicate with trainees via Annual Meeting sessions/workshops, reports, podcasts, social media 
  • Organise trainee-focused sessions at the EBMT Annual Meeting, including a joint session with local trainee organisations and a Trainee Day
  • Provide a common platform for trainees within all transplant multi-disciplinary roles including patient advocates, donors, nurses, pharmacists, scientists, physicians, data managers
  • Facilitate fellowships and exchanges enabling trainees to experience BMT and cellular therapies in different institutions within the EBMT community. Create and update a list of available fellowships in EBMT 
  • Provide advice and support for trainees in BMT and cellular therapy by making online resources easily available within the EBMT website/online services


  • Increase awareness and representation of the needs of trainees among the EBMT society by establishing a close collaborative working relationship with the EBMT board, task forces, committees, and working parties
  • Provide a platform for trainees to establish themselves within the EBMT community and encourage EBMT centres to communicate available positions
  • Committee members are in regular email communication and meet face to face at least yearly at the annual meeting and virtually through teleconferences on a monthly basis

Trainee Pearls

Welcome to “Trainee Pearls”, a new initiative brought to you by the EBMT Trainee Committee to deliver the most important messages (“the pearls”) of high-profile research works in hematology and bone marrow transplant to our fellow trainees all over the world. The topics will span from classical hematology to more focused bone marrow transplant research. The selected research article will be discussed directly with young authors who have been involved with the published work.