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Activity report 2021 of the Pharmacists Committee

The pharmacist has become an integral member of the multidisciplinary stem cell transplantation team.

The EBMT Pharmacist Committee has been established to structure and develop scientific and educational activities designed for pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists involved in the field of stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy.

Activity Report 2021

  • Development of JACIE E-learning Tool (focus on pharmacists)
  • Collaboration ASTCT & EBMT Pharmacists’ Committees (in-person + online meeting): focus on CAR-T, clinical cases, Busulfan TDM topics
  • Launch of communication platform for pharmacy committee members

Pharmacists Committee Forum

  • EBMT 2021(virtual)
    • Programme Pharmacists’ Day (Pharmacotherapy, supportive care and pharmaceutical research in HSCT) and abstract reviewing
  • Development of endorsement procedure documents and internal review document
  • Individual Pharmacists’ committee members achievements/involvement
    • FACT-JACIE Clinical Standards Subcommittee
    • Chapter “CAR-T” in EBMT handbook
    • UK BMT Pharmacists’ Group training passport: shared information
  • Collaboration with EBMT Trainee committee: topic: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Launch survey for assessment of extent of clinical pharmacists' and pharmacologists' involvement in HSCT in Europe on the basis of the 2020 published publication (Bone Marrow Transplant, 2020 Jan;55(1):62-69).
  • GoCART project
    • First meeting to discuss a proposal for collaboration on guidelines on ATMPs for pharmacists (PAN UK Pharmacy Working Group for ATMPs).
  • Creation of institutional Readiness Guidelines for CAR T-cell therapies and 4 categories of ATMPs and dissemination of the work with the wider European pharmacists (involvement and review by EBMT Pharmacists’ committee members of different European countries: on-going).