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Pharmacist Committee

The pharmacist has become an integral member of the multidisciplinary stem cell transplantation team.

The EBMT Pharmacist Committee has been established to structure and develop scientific and educational activities designed for pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists involved in the field of stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy.

Pharmacist Committee Chairs

Committee Objectives

The Pharmacist Committee aims:

  • to provide specific training and education for pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists and other professionals, specific case series discussion and training into fundamental basis of HSCT
  • to be (pro)actively involved in pharmacological research, pre-clinical research as well as in clinical trials
  • to define the role of Hospital Pharmacy in the delivery of cellular medicines and to advise on the content and implementation of related standards (e.g. JACIE)
  • to prepare the Pharmacist’s Day during the EBMT Annual Meeting


  • Maintain a European Network with International and National Pharmacists’ associations
  • Prepare Pharmacist Day Programme during the EBMT annual meeting in cooperation with the organizing committee of the meeting and the scientific council of the EBMT
  • Advocacy at EU level in collaboration with other societies such as ASBMT/ESOP/ISOPP/SIOP/….
  • Maintain the Pharmacists’ section of the EBMT website


  • Creating a network and discussion forum for pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists to share experiences and knowledge
  • To define standards for activities for pharmacists/clinical pharmacologists in the field of HSCT
  • Provide education and training on specific topics for pharmacist/clinical pharmacologists
  • Networking with other international/national societies related to HSCT, Oncology and Hematology (pediatrics and adults)
  • Participating in pharmacological research, and support trials within the EBMT on this topic.

Steering Committee Members