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Retrospective study on the incidence and outcome of Adenovirus infections in patients who undergo haploidentical SCT

Infectious Diseases Working Party (IDWP)
Study type:
Study number:
Type of Stem Cell Treatment:
Allogeneic - Haploidentical
Short title:
ADV infections in hapoidentical transplanted patients
Primary objective:
1. To retrospectively evaluate the incidence of Adenovirus infection in patients transplanted with haploidentical SC either T cell ex-vivo depleted (manipulated, alfa/beta/CD19 or CD45RA depleted or other) or or with cyclophosphamide post-HSCT in centers that perform routine surveillance (2 times per week, 1 time per week, every 2 weeks) for adenovirus or research adenovirus according to patient’s symptoms or immune recovery
2. To compare the incidence of "clinically significant infection", "proven/probable disease" and "mortality adenovirus-related" in these different haploidentical transplant platforms
Key inclusion criteria:
- transplant received from 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2020 with an expected end of follow-up on 31/06/ 2021
- Adenovirus infection that occurred within 180 days following HSCT
Principal investigator:
Maura Faraci
EBMT Study coordinator:
Lotus Wendel
Study coordinator email: