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RACE, a severe aplastic anaemia trial, reaches its recruitment target of 200 patients


RACE is a prospective randomised multicenter study that compares standard immunosuppresive therapy (ATG+CsA) - horse Antithymocyte globuline (hATG) plus Cyclosporine A (CsA) - with or without Eltrombopag as front-line therapy for severe aplastic anaemia patients. The primary objective is to investigate whether Eltrombopag added to standard immunosuppressive treatment increases the rate of early (at three months) complete response in untreated aplastic anemia patients.

This trial started in July 2015, and in April 2019 reached its objective of 200 randomised patients in 28 participating sites in 6 countries. The team is now preparing to analyse the primary endpoint data. The results will be disclosed later this year and will hopefully lead to improved treatment of patients suffering from aplastic anaemia.

EBMT TV interviewed the two RACE trial Coordinating Investigators, Prof. Antonio Risitano and Prof. RĂ©gis Peffault de Latour, who explain the aims and characteristics of the RACE trial. Sofie Terwel, EBMT Clinical Trial Coordinator, takes the opportunity to thank the principal investigators and their teams for their efforts and contribution to this landmark trial. She also thanks the grant givers for their collaboration in this trial.