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Meet Hilda Mekelenkamp, PDWP Nurse

Paediatric Diseases Working Party (PDWP)
Nursing Paediatric Committee

"My name is Hilda Mekelenkamp and since a few years the PDWP Nurse. As Member and Chair of the Nurses Group Paediatric Committee, we already collaborated closely with the PDWP, so applying for the link nurse role was a relatively easy step. I am very motivated to collaborate with colleagues who share the same work passion in paediatric HSCT and learn from each other. We face similar clinical problems, and the collaboration within the PDWP and Paediatric Nurses Group makes it possible to share these experiences during the educational meetings. Furthermore we are able to build on knowledge in our research projects. The PDWP is a group of respected experts in the field of paediatric HSCT and the group is very welcoming to collaborate with paediatric nurses on education and research. In the last years, we have had several successful projects resulting in peer-reviewed publications and I am happy to contribute to the continuation of this good job in the future."