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Governance structure CAR T Community


The EBMT is in the process of setting up a governance structure of the CAR T Community (see 30 July 2019 News). The open call generated an outstanding feedback with excellent suggestions. An updated version of the governance structure will be released before the next stakeholder meeting in January 2020. Our objective is that this vivid document keeps evolving according to the needs of our community.

In addition, EBMT received multiple requests from individuals who are interested in participating in the different work packages. We would like to encourage you to join the next stakeholder meeting which will take place during the 2nd European CAR T Cell Meeting in Spain to further discuss in person your individual roles in the different work packages. 

Contact persons:

Christian Chabannon - Chairperson CTIWP -
Jürgen Kuball - Chairperson LRAC -
Harry Dolstra - EBMT Treasurer -