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GoCART Call for Research Proposals 2022

Cellular Therapy & Immunobiology Working Party (CTIWP)
GoCART Coalition

EBMT and EHA released the second call for retrospective research proposals within the Scientific Excellence Work Package of the GoCART Coalition at the beginning of August.

The deadline for the GoCART Call for Research Proposals closed on 7 October and we are proud to announce that we have received 16 high quality proposals.

The aim of the call is to promote the use of existing Registry data and other sources of real world data and to strengthen collaborations across stakeholders in the field of CAR T-cell therapies.

The selection committee is composed by Prof Anna Sureda (President of the EBMT), Prof Christian Chabannon (Past Chair EBMT Cellular Therapies and Immunobiology Working Party), Prof. John Gribben (Past President of the EHA), Prof. Martin Dreyling (Board Member of EHA) and Natacha BolaƱos (Chair EBMT Patient Advocacy Committee).

The 16 proposals will be evaluated against four criteria: scientific impact, novelty, collaboration across stakeholders and feasibility of the proposal. In December 2022, the three winning proposals will be announced.

We remind you that EBMT will be economically supporting the selected studies that are proposed by noncommercial partners by providing the required resources to conduct the study. The EBMT business unit will draw up a budget for the conduct of any selected proposal that includes a pharmaceutical company.