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First student joins the EBMT membership


The EBMT recently launched a new individual membership category for students and we are pleased to announce that the first student recently joined the EBMT as a member. Adrin Dadkhah is a pharmacist PhD student in the department of stem cell transplantation of the University Hospital Eppendorf in Hamburg, Germany. He tells us what it means for him to become an EBMT member.

"Joining the EBMT has not only given me the opportunity to network with experts in my field of research, which has already helped me to a great extent on my thesis on pharmacometrics of Busulfan, but also showed me that the inter-professional collaboration between hospital pharmacies and departments of stem cell transplantation is widely recognized as a valuable factor in terms of drug therapy safety. Therefore, I am very excited to see this collaboration develop even further in the future."

Adrin Dadkhah EBMT
Adrin Dadkhah