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EBMT Office in Shanghai

Global Committee

The EBMT officially opened a satellite foundation office in Shanghai, China on the 15th of December, 2020.

The opening ceremony was attended by Xie Wenlan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality; representatives of administrative office of Oversea NGOs of Shanghai Public Security Bureau; the French Consul for Science and Technology in Shanghai; experts in the field of hematology and EBMT members.

Both Professors Nicolaus Kröger, EBMT President, and Norbert-Claude Gorin, EBMT Global Committee Chairman & Chief Representative of EBMT Foundation Shanghai Office, gave an online speech. They thanked all the parties involved for their efforts in establishing the Shanghai office. They also acknowledged the achievements of their Chineese BMT fellows and expressed full confidence in further in-depth cooperation between China and Europe in the future.

The Shanghai Office is the 5th global office and the only office in the Asia Pacific region of EBMT, one of the three major academic societies of haematologists in the world. The aim is to promote convenient and in-depth exchange between the Chinese haematology community and the EBMT, strengthen multi-centre clinical innovation and cooperation, share scientific experience, standards and protocols, and provide the best treatment and care for patients.

The EBMT has been collaborated for a long time with Chinese partners in the field of blood and bone marrow transplantation (e.g Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Suzhou University, Peking University People’s Hospital, Zhejing University) in international academic innovation, personnel exchange visits, clinical applications and other aspects.

Please visit the EBMT Offices & Staff section of our website to get the contact information of the office in Shanghai:

EBMT Shanghai Office-Opening Ceremony-Nicolaus Kroger
Opening Ceremony of the EBMT Shanghai Office - Nicolaus Kröger
EBMT Shanghai Office-Opening Ceremony-NC Gorin
Opening Ceremony of the EBMT Shanghai Office - Norbert Claude Gorin