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EBMT 2022 Annual Meeting - Inspectors Session Q&A

JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee

The 14th Meeting of the Quality Management Group took place during the 48th Annual Meeting of the EBMT. The Quality Management (QM) program included sessions to meet with QM experts and to learn about JACIE Accreditation topics of interest for centers and inspectors as well as the 8th edition of the standards, including a dedicated boot camp session on Accreditation for IEC. All the sessions were well attended (+100 participants connected to the live sessions) and we would like to thank all the participants, speakers and the JACIE QM Committee for making it possible. 

The Inspectors Session, which included the following topics: JACIE Activity & Updates on the impact of COVID, Inspectors experience inspecting the different accreditation processes: Virtual / On-Site and Hybrid / Short Process inspections, Volunteers update, JACIE & Data safety and Presentation of the QM Committe & the JACIE Inspectors Comittee, had a considerable number of questions that could not be answered during the live session due to the lack of time. The speakers have kindly responded to all the questions and we would like to share the responses here. We hope you find this information useful, please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have further questions.