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Changes to the JACIE Quality Managers Committee

Quality Managers Committee

The Quality Managers Committee (QMC) is one of JACIE's long standing Committees, consisting of experts in Quality Management (QM) in the Stem Cell Transplantation field and active QM in JACIE Accredited centers from a wide range of countries. Recently, there have been changes in the Chair as well as the Members which are described below:

Chair - Renza Monteleone (Italy) is stepping down Chair of the JACIE QMC after joining the JACIE QM group back in 2011 and chairing the Committee since 2013. We would like to acknowledge and thank Renza for all her valuable contributions to the QMC over the last 10 years, specially for the planning the QM Day Programme for the EBMT Annual Meetings and for her key role to include the role of the QM Inspector in the JACIE inspection teams. We are delighted that Renza will remain as member of the JACIE Accreditations Committee and QM Inspector.

The EBMT Board approved Anne Emmett (United Kingdom) as the new Chair of the QMC in January 2024. Anne Emmett, who has been member of the QMC since 2016, will take over her new role with immediate effect. Anne is the Quality Manager in the Blood, Cells and Cancer Division at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London and also QM member of the JACIE Accreditation Committee since 2018, as well as JACIE QM Inspector since 2017. To date she has completed 13 inspections in five countries. In addition, Anne has also been part of the FACT-JACIE Standards Sub-Committee for Quality for the 8th and the 9th Editions of the FACT-JACIE Standards.

Members - The following members are stepping down: Phuong Huynh (Belgium), Dieter Klarmann (Germany), Olga López (Spain) and Songul Durmaz (Turkey) after several years of contributions to move forward all the QMC initiatives. We would also like to acknowledge all their work and dedication to this Committee. 

As a result of an open call process, we are delighted to welcome the following new members to the QMC: Laurel Anderson (South Africa), Lea Brandt Kristensen (Denmark), Nick van Sinderen (The Netherlands), Olivier Urbain (Belgium) and Rachel Luke (United Kingdom).

Julie Dolva (Norway) and Ilknur Kozanoglu (Turkey), current members of the QMC, will remain for an extra year in the Committee to ensure a smooth transition and hand over to the new members.

The QMC is looking forward to expanding their activities by providing EBMT and JACIE with QM stakeholder feedback from Centers in order to improve the accreditation process.