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Benchmarking Report September 2022 is out!


The EBMT Benchmarking reports for the period 2016-2020 are now available to qualifying CICs.

A personalised email was sent on Monday October 10th to the PIs and/or Data Managers of the centres that qualified to receive the Benchmarking report with the instructions for the reports access.

Who receives the report?

Only centres that meet the following criteria will receive this report:

  • Full membership of EBMT at the time of the transplantation
  • During the 5-year period 2016–2020 at least 80% of the transplants reported in the Activity Survey for the centre were registered in the EBMT
  • Meeting the annual minimum activity threshold of 10 first allogeneic transplants and/or 5 first autologous transplants as set out in the FACT-JACIE Standards.

New added content!

In addition to the 1 year follow up and 1 year survival analysis, the September 2022 exercise includes analysis of 1 year progression free survival (PFS), Day 100 Mortality and  Day 100 follow up.

Check your credentials!

Make sure you can access the Google Drive folder of your center and that your credentials are valid and still working.

Instructions on how to access the report and recover your credentials can be found here.

National Registry Access:

If you have already given consent for your national registry to have access to reports, this same consent will apply to this exercise.

If you haven’t and wish to give consent for your national registry to have access to reports, the center PI should send an email to the address below requesting this. Please don’t forget to include your centers CIC number.

Should you have any questions, please write to