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Apply for the annual scholarships with the EBMT Nurses Group


There is an exciting opportunity to apply for our annual scholarships with the EBMT Nurses Group. These scholarships open on June 1 and close on June 30, 2021.

  1. The Centre Visit Educational Scholarship
  2. The Exchange Grant
  3. The Annual Meeting Grant
  4. The Paediatric Grant: Annual Paediatric disease working party educational course (virtual).
  5. Outreach Nurse Annual Meeting Grant
  • Only applications received during this period will be shortlisted;
  • You can apply for one scholarship or grant only each year;
  • Any applicants who submit for more than one grant will be rejected;
  • If you have previously applied for; or been awarded a grant you must state this in your application. Failure to do so, may result in the grant offer being withdrawn;
  • If you are successful and awarded a grant but are not able to use it in the year awarded due to Coronavirus restrictions, the EBMT Nurses Group Board will consider a request to roll the grant over to the next year. Failure to submit such a request will result in the grant being withdrawn.

In order to apply please send a short motivation letter (maximum 250 words) to along with a CV.