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4th International cGvHD Symposium and Transplant Complications Working Party Educational Meeting

Transplant Complications Working Party (TCWP)

8-10 November 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia

Antonela Samardzic outlines the key moments of the symposium and educational meeting.

The 4th International cGvHD Symposium and the TCWP Educational Meeting gathered together around 200 people from 25 countries all over the world. The venue was located at The National Hall, in pittoresque old part of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, and it was packed with physicians and researchers highly interested in this rising field of haematology. Leading experts also participated, including current EBMT president Prof. Kröger, and two previous EBMT presidents - Prof. Mohty and Prof. Madrigal. The atmosphere at the venue was rather casual and friendly, providing excellent conditions for networking and new collaborations.

In the afternoon on the first day, members of EBMT TCWP had their business meeting where they discussed current and future research plans and topics.

Friday November 9th was reserved for the 4th International cGvHD symposium, which provided comprehensive overview of current knowledge regarding to cGvHD. Dynamic agenda, different perspective of diverse lecturers and exciting insight into novel diagnostic and therapy strategies, definitely proved this Symposium was a “must-attend” for everyone interested in cGvHD. Hopefully, collaborations arranged in Zagreb will pave the way for improvement and progress in the field of cGvHD in the near future.

On the last day of gathering, the TCWP Educational Meeting was held, summarising most important novelties in wide field of other post-transplant complications. It was very educational, but also impressive to observe the exchange of current knowledge between experts with different experience, but with the same interest – to improve patients’ survivorship and quality of life.

For me personally, as a junior researcher with primary focus on cGvHD and long-term complications, this was extremely useful experience. Provided overview of rising new questions will, for sure, modify my research direction in the future.

To conclude, management of transplant complications can be improved only by individualised approach of multidisciplinary team. It is important to raise awareness of possible complications among physicians caring for such patients, and to keep up with all the novelties in the field. Presented possibilities are versatile and promising, and I am really looking forward to see how it will all develop until the next International cGvHD Symposium and TCWP Educational Meeting. See you there!

Antonela Samardzic
Antonela Samardzic
Research Fellow at the Division of Hematology, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Zagreb Medical School, Zagreb, Croatia
4th International cGvHD Symposium and TCWP Educational Meeting-Organisers
Organizers of the 4th International cGvHD Symposium and TCWP Educational Meeting
From left to right: Zinaida Peric, Dražen Pulanic, Radovan Vrhovac, Steven Z. Pavletic, Grzegorz W.  Basak