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Scientific report 2023 of the Cellular Therapy and Immunobiology Working Party (CTIWP)

Major achievements

The CTIWP activities are constantly increasing in line with the advance in HCT, cell and gene therapy fields.

The collaboration with the different working parties and partner society (GoCART, EHA) is ongoing with the aim to harmonise the practice and the workload in the cell therapy field. The activity in the harmonisation of the accreditation process for centres that perform CAR T therapies in collaboration with JACIE and GoCART, to avoid duplication of efforts (Reduced CART site qualification workload for JACIE accredited centres | EBMT).

The research activity is broad and dedicated to the immunogenetics to evaluate new factors on HLA expression level and typing able to improve transplant outcomes, and the role of HLA in the new post transplant cyclophosphamide approach. The immunomonitoring after CAR T as well the impact of possible exposure of antibiotics on the results of CART in patients with lymphomas, is under evaluation with surveys to dedicated centres. Another important field of research is to develop a consensus of the use of other cellular therapies, such as donor lymphocyte infusion according to the different donor types and stem cell source.

Principal research studies

Key publications

CTIWP Indicators 2021-2023
  2021 2022 2023
Oral presentations 4 2 7
Poster presentations 2 4 4
Educational events 5 7 7
  • 49th Annual Meeting of the EBMT: Cell Therapy Day
  • 49th Annual Meeting of the EBMT: CTIWP session
  • 49th Annual Meeting of the EBMT: CTIWP Scientific Business Meeting
  • DLI Harmonisation Workshop - Lille
  • CTIWP Scientific Business Meeting - Hamburg