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E-learning courses & webinars 2022

In 2020, the EBMT began offering free, live webinars, hosted by experts, for all EBMT members. The webinars are on specialized topics pertaining to HSCT and Cellular Therapy, and consist of an expert’s dissertation with a series of slides.

View the list of webinars and workshops that were organised in 2022 - The video and slides are available for EBMT members on the e-learning platform.



Clinical Case Discussion for Physicians:

4th edition: Osman Ahmed (moderator), Locatelli, Ghorashian and Bader (panel experts).
5th edition: Osman Ahmed (moderator), Marie Jose Kersten, Marion Subklewe and Sara Mastaglio (panel experts).
6th edition: Osman Ahmed (moderator), Ulrich Jäger, Gabriel Brisou and Valentín Ortiz-Maldonado (panel experts).
7th edition: Osman Ahmed (moderator), Hermann Einsele, Mohamad Mohty and Maria Mateos (panel experts).
8th edition: Osman Ahmed (moderator), Sara Ghorashian, Álvaro Urbano and Christian Chabannon  (panel experts).
9th edition: Osman Ahmed (moderator), Martin Dreyling, Catherine Thieblemont, Marie Jose Kersten and Julio Delgado (panel experts).
10th edition: Osman Ahmed (moderator), Emmanuel Bachy, Florent Malard and Pere Barba (panel experts).

Best Practice Sharing Discussion for Nurses:

1st edition: Michelle Kenyon (presenter), John Murray and Ruth Clout (panel experts).
2nd Edition: Erik Aerts (presenter), Daphna Hutt and Matthias Hellberg-Naegele (panel experts).
3rd Edition:  Marjola Gjergji (presenter), Michelle Kenyon and Daphna Hutt (panel experts).
4th Edition: Angela Leather (presenter), Ruth Clout and Daphna Hutt (panel experts).
5th Edition: Maxime Berquier (presenter), Ruth Clout and Michelle Kenyon (panel experts).
6th Edition: Katie Brice (presenter), Ruth Clout and Michelle Kenyon (panel experts).


  1. How to transplant children and AYAs with ALL: Christina Peters (speaker) and Katharina Kleinschmidt (moderator).
  2. The injured lung in HSCT – the nowadays diagnostic and therapeutic challenges: Tayfun Güngör (speaker) and  Marianne Ifversen (moderator).
  3. PK and AntigenTarget differences of variant ATGs: Jaap Jan Boelens (speaker) and Selim Corbacioglu (moderator).
  4. First line treatment of acute GVHD - time for a risk adapted approach?: Francis Ayuk (speaker) and  Daniel Wolff (moderator).
  5. Diagnosis, Grading and Management of Toxicities from Immunotherapies in Children and AYA Patients with Cancer: Kris M. Mahadeo (speaker) and Hisham Abdel-Azim (moderator).
  6. Vaccination post cellular therapy in children: Roland Meisel (speaker) and Elif Ince (moderator).
  7. Role and status quo of CART in non-ALL: Patrick Schlegel (speaker) and Antonio Pérez-Martínez (moderator).
  8. CART in first line ALL Therapy, pros and cons: Tobias Feuchtinger, Gunnar Cario (speakers) and Adriana Balduzzi (moderator).

Physicians' Webinars

Practice Changing Paper:

  1. Eltrombopag added to immunosuppression in SAA (NEJM 2022): Régis Peffault de Latour (speaker) and Antonio M Risitano,     Andrea Bacigalupo and Phillip Scheinberg (panel experts).

Panel Discussion:

  1. Auto, Allo or CART in Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Martin Dreyling (speaker), Anna Sureda and Sascha Dietrich (panel experts).
  2. Antibody treatment to prevent COVID-19 early after stem cell transplantation and CAR-T cell therapy: Malgorzata Mikulska     (speaker), Per Ljungman and Sylvain Meylan (panel experts).
  3. Ruxolitinib prior allogeneic SCT in Myelofibrosis: Marie Robin (speaker), Nicolaus Kröger and Donal McLornan (panel experts).
  4. CAR-T and Allo-HCT in High Risk Adult ALL: Sebastian Giebel (speaker), Josep-Maria Ribera and Mohamad Mohty (panel     experts).
  5. Autologous HSCT in Multiple Sclerosis: Raffaella Greco (speaker), Roland Martin and Riccardo Saccardi (panel experts).

State of the Art Lecture:

  1. Treatment of relapsed/refraction DLBCL in 2022: Georg Lenz (speaker) and Norbert Schmitz (moderator).
  2. Treatment of Amyloidosis: Giampaolo Merlini (speaker) and StefanSchönland (moderator).
  3. New Strategies for GVHD Profilaxis: Gérard Socié (speaker) and Zinaida Perić (moderator).
  4. Prevention of relapse after allogeneic HSCT in FLT3pos AML: Andreas Burchert (speaker) and Mohamad Mohty (moderator).

JACIE Inspectors

  1. Role of the Team Leader:  Patrick Hayden, Volker Witt, Richard Willfred Olaussen, and Kim Orchard (speakers), Tuula Rintala and John Fitzgerald (moderators).
  2. Immune Effector Cells: Anne Emmett, Riccardo Saccardi, Emilian Snarski and Frédéric Bernard (speakers), Eugenia Trigoso Arjona (moderator).
  3. CAR-T Cells for Inspectors: Sofie Terwel (speaker), Tuula Rintala Olga and Lopez Villar (special guests), Aurora Vasanelli (moderator).
  4. Onsite vs Remote Inspections: Sandra Loaiza, Anne Emmett, Aloysius Ho and Khoo Sook Pui (speakers), Eugenia Trigoso Arjona (moderator).

E-courses & Exam 2022


  1. Chimera – e-course from trainees for trainees
  2. Castor EDC fundamentals
  3. JACIE Inspectors Course 8th Edition
  4. The Immune Effector Cell Forum
  5. Physicians Webinars e-course 2022

EBMT Exam 2022


The EBMT Exam took place during the first day of the 48th Annual Meeting of the EBMT on Sunday the 20th of March of 2022. 34 registered participants connected online via the EBMT e-learning platform. During two hours and a half, participants answered 100 multiple-choice questions based on the content of the EBMT Handbook, along with the specific resources pertaining to CAR T-cells.

33 out of 34 registered participants passed the Exam, and these were their grades:

EBMT Exam grades