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The Scientific Activity Reports

As Scientific Council Chair I have the privilege to summarize our achievements in 2021. I was ready to draw you a picture of relief and uplift for 2022. I guess I have to rephrase my words cautiously with regard to what we can expect for at least the first quarter of 2022.

It looks like the COVID-19 pandemic turns into a Netflix series, with ever new twists and turns and new actors dominating the new season. On the other hand, I feel that we are all getting more and more experienced and relaxed, ready to handle the situation.

This is reflected in our activity indicators. By the end of 2020 the number of publications, oral and poster presentations showed a downslope compared to previous years that we started to catch up in 2021. But we have to be cautious on the clandestine impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that hinders significantly the mutual fertilization of ideas and projects that emerge as a significant byproduct of face-to-face meetings. This is the utmost basic way of scientific collaboration that is harshly interrupted.

But the capability to adapt to novel and challenging situations is the strength of our Society. We mastered to adapt on every level. The EBMT staff again demonstrated flexibility and efficacy transitioning the established scientific structures and networking opportunities into the virtual world. In 2021 we hosted 26 webinars, some in collaboration with other societies, and 13 E-learning courses and 10 meetings and events.

In particular, the 26 webinars attracted over 3800 attendees. A huge success for our Society and its members who made the best out of the current situation.

Therefore, hold on and let us look forward to a cheerful, scientifically successful and interactive EBMT Meeting 2022 in Prague!

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