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RACE-2: long-term follow-up of patients participating in RACE: the prospective Randomized multicenter study comparing horse Antithymocyte globuline (hATG) + Cyclosporine A (CsA) with or without Eltrombopag as front-line therapy for Severe Aplastic Anemia patients

Severe Aplastic Anaemia Working Party (SAAWP)
Study number:
Type of Stem Cell Treatment:
Bone marrow failure
Short title:
RACE-2: long-term follow-up
Primary objective:
To evaluate the long-term outcome and survival of patients who have received standard IST with or without Eltrombopag within the RACE trial.
Key inclusion criteria:
Subject participated in the RACE trial (EudraCT number: 2014-000363-40) during which patient received ATGAM, Cyclosporine A with or without Eltrombopag.
Principal investigator:
RĂ©gis Peffault de Latour, Antonio M. Risitano
EBMT Study coordinator:
Brian Piepenbroek
Study coordinator email: