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Data Request: ATG vs PT-Cy in 1 MMUD


A Comparison between ATG and PT-CY graft-versus-host-disease prophylaxis in patients with lymphoma undergoing reduced intensity conditioning regimen HSCT from 1 antigen MMUD

Post Transplant-Cyclophosphamide (PT-CY) has been first used for prevention of acute and chronic graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD) in the setting of haploidentical transplantation (HAPLO) almost 10 years ago. Subsequently, different studies have reported promising results with respect to non-relapse mortality (NRM), GVHD and infections for HAPLO PT-CY compared to other donor sources. As a consequence, this platform has also been investigated in the setting of HLA-identical sibling and matched unrelated donor (MUD). To date, two single-center studies have compared outcomes of patients with various hematological malignancies undergoing mismatched unrelated donor (MMUD) with either PT-CY or Anti-thymocyte globulin (ATG) as GVHD prophylaxis in small cohorts. More recently, a matched pair analysis was conducted in AML patients with results indicating lower incidence of grade III-IV acute GVHD and higher LFS for the PT-Cy group. So far, no other studies have compared the use of PT-CY to ATG in the setting of MMUD 9/10 in a homogeneous cohort of lymphoproliferative disorders.

We would like to invite you to participate in this study by providing data from patients undergoing transplantation in your centre. Please see attached the study protocol. We would be very grateful for your help in supporting this study. Should you have any queries regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Annalisa Paviglianiti
Principal Investigator
HĂ´pital Saint-Antoine, Paris
Dr. Alberto Mussetti
Principal Investigator
Institut CatalĂ  d'Oncologia, Barcelona
Pr. Bertram Glass
Chair EBMT Lymphoma Working Party