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Calling all trainees in and beyond the EBMT community!

Trainee Committee

The EBMT Trainee Committee has created their first survey. Please spread the word, engage your faculty and young fellows, and spare a little of your time to help them in their mission of addressing the inequalities in BMT and cellular therapy exposure.

Results will be made public and hopefully actions will result in improving the access to and comparability of training in the transplant/cellular therapy field. Thanks in advance for taking time to share it with your colleagues and complete it.

What is the aim of the EBMT Trainee Survey?

The purpose of this survey is to address the inequalities in BMT and cellular therapy exposure amongst medical trainees and junior doctors internationally. In order to achieve this goal, the EBMT Trainee Committee felt it was important to identify these inequalities so that they can establish the best way of tackling and correcting them.