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Education Report 2022

For the EBMT’s Education and Events Department, 2022 was the start of the new normal.

We started the year with three virtual Working Party meetings, held by the Cellular Therapy & Immunobiology, Chronic Malignancies, and Severe Aplastic Anemia Working Parties.

In February, EBMT and EHA jointly organised the fourth edition of the European CAR T-cell Meeting. It was the second fully virtual edition of this event, due to concerns regarding a winter COVID wave.

In March of 2022, just as the Education and Events team was getting ready to leave for the first hybrid edition of the Annual Meeting since COVID, the city of Prague notified the EBMT that the congress venue was needed in order to support the Ukrainian refugees feeling the invasion that started just the month prior.

In ten days, our team switched a hybrid meeting into a fully virtual one. With the support and understanding of the faculty and the participants, the virtual Annual Meeting was a success. 

In May, EBMT had the first in-person meeting of the year, a joint venture with ASTCT that took place in Vail, Colorado. It marked the first of many collaborations to come with our sister society from across the pond. 

The 7th edition of the International Transplant Course in September was the first event of the fall season, an in-person meeting in Barcelona that gathered more than 300 participants. 

From September to November, the Educational Events Unit organised seven in-person educational meetings across Europe:

  1. Autoimmune Diseases Working Party Educational Meeting in London,
  2. Inborn Errors Working Party Annual Conference in Paris,
  3. Transplant Complications Working Party Educational Meeting in Berlin,
  4. Chronic Malignancies Working Party Educational Meeting in Milan,
  5. Nurses Group Study Days in Brussels,
  6. Infectious Diseases Working Party Educational Course in Florence,
  7. Paediatric Diseases Working Party Educational Meeting in Regensburg

There was also one virtual meeting, the Lymphoma Working Party Educational Course.

In November, there were two notable events. The 2nd EBMT-China Scientific Forum was a hybrid event that took place in Tianjin (China), and the first post-COVID JACIE Training Course, which came back with a new format where inspectors-in-training go through an e-learning course before attending the in-person event.

Over the course of 2022, EBMT’s e-learning project has also grown and matured. There are many resources available in the platform for continuous online education. E-courses, forums, and webinars.

The E-Learning Unit organised 32 webinars in 2022. There were Physician webinars, Paediatric webinars, JACIE Inspectors webinars, and GoCART webinars that included clinical discussions for Physicians and best practice discussions for Nurses. More details here.

Additionally, the Chimera e-course series, a project lead by the EBMT’s Trainee Committee that aims to cover all aspects surrounding hematopoietic cell transplantation and cellular therapy with a focus on trainee-relevant knowledge and skills, was launched during the end of 2021, and many modules were added in 2022. 

In 2023, we hope to continue providing quality education to all healthcare professionals involved in BMT and CT, with the goal of improving patient outcomes globally.