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Activity report 2022 of the Statistical Committee

The EBMT Statistical Committee was founded in 2004 (initially as a Sub-Committee) with the aim of being a meeting place for EBMT-related statisticians and methodologists. It traditionally involved the EBMT statistical staff and some external members. With the growth of the first group and in view of the overlapping tasks and responsibilities of the two entities, the organisation and activities of the Committee are being revised.

Activity Report 2022

The Statistical Committee has been active in 2022 as during previous years, providing methodological support to other committees and for strategic decisions in EBMT, and organising the statistical events at the EBMT congress.

One major activity regarded the continuation of the “Missing Values” project, approved by the Board in October 2020, aimed at unifying approaches to the investigation and management of missing values in EBMT studies. The plan for 2021-2022 was to focus on missing values in the baseline predictors (as opposed to missing in follow-up information). Planned targets were to extend the knowledge of the statistical team, compare approaches and reach a “consensus”; and to collect and make available for the EBMT staff illustrative case studies, brief guidelines on approaches and statistical methods, and R and SPSS codes for data management and analyses. The project is at an advanced stage, and some results will be presented at the Statistical Symposium at the 49th Annual Meeting of the EBMT.

Statistical Committee_Missing Data Project - Dec. 2022

A second major activity which involved mainly the internal members of the Committee was the contribution to the processes related to the upgrade of the EBMT Registry.