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E-learning courses & webinars 2020

In 2020, the EBMT begun offering free, live webinars, hosted by experts, for all EBMT members. The webinars are on specialized topics pertaining to HSCT and Cellular Therapy, and consist of an expert’s dissertation with a series of slides.

View the list of webinars and workshops that were organised in 2020 - The video and slides are available for EBMT members on the e-learning platform.

Physicians webinars and workshops


  • Pre/post-transplant Bispecific Antibodies for ALL - hosted by Dr Christina Peters and moderated by Dr Franco Locatelli.
  • Role of MRD in stem cell transplantation for AML - hosted by Dr Michael Heuser.
  • Management of CMV infections after stem cell transplantation - hosted by Dr Per Ljungman.
  • Selecting unrelated donor according to HLA and beyond - hosted by Dr Katharina Fleischhauer.
  • Haploidentical transplants - hosted by Dr Andrea Bacigalupo.
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplantation for hemoglobinopathies - hosted by Dr Selim Corbaçioglu.
  • EBMT recommendations on clinical management of acute and chronic GVHD, novel therapeutic strategies in clinical development - hosted by Dr Olaf Penack. 
  • Pathophysiology of acute and chronic GVHD, novel therapeutic strategies in pre-clinical phase - hosted by Dr Ernst Holler.


  • Statistical Course
  • Haploidentical family donors with special respect to minors as donor

Nurses webinars

EBMT and LABMT have collaborated in offering live webinars for nurses, hosted by experts for both societies’ members.

The objective of these webinars is to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to guarantee quality care to those patients who receive a hematopoietic progenitor transplant.

  • Palliative care - hosted by Lidiane Costa.
  • Patient and family education - hosted by Cristina Gallego Miralles.
  • Acute GvHD: Evaluation and nursing care - hosted by Cristina Vogel.
  • Supportive care: nutrition, pain - hosted by Liliana Torres Ajalla.
  • Venous access: central venous catheters - hosted by Maika García and Silvana Matilde Jubin Vettorello.
  • Care of immunocompromised patients: neutropenia and febrile neutropenia - hosted by Paola Viveros Lamas.
  • Administration of cellular therapy products - hosted by Lucía Vázquez.
  • Management of chemotherapy: preparative regimens, administration and principles - hosted by Patricia Pérez Vargas.
  • Overview of cellular therapy process. Donor selection - hosted by Julia Ruiz.
  • Quality Management and FACT-JACIE Accreditation. Role of the Nurse Coordinator - hosted by Eugenia Trigoso.

COVID-19 webinars

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EBMT put together a series of live webinars with other sister organisations. The presentations slides and recordings are available on this page:

  • Palliative Care guidance for patients with severe COVID-19
  • Psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic on nurses: experiences and tips
  • CAR-T Cell and COVID-19 and how and when to restart the transplant program (EBMT/ASTCT)
  • Treatment options of COVID-19 patients with focus on stem cell transplantation and CAR-T cells (EBMT/ASTCT)
  • Strategies to prevent and handle outbreak of COVID-19 on transplant wards (EBMT/ASTCT)
  • How to ensure unrelated donor grafts and CAR-T cells products during Corona pandemic (EBMT/WMDA)
  • COVID-19 and me: an EBMT webinar for patients and caregivers
  • COVID-19 and Hematology Patient Care (EBMT/EHA)
  • COVID-19 in stem cell transplant patients. What do we know?