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Phase 2 trial to assess haploidentical a/ß T-depleted stem cell transplantation in patients with sickle cell disease with no available sibling donor (T-Haplo-HSCT for SCD)

Study number:
Eudra-CT 2018-002652-33
Short title:
T-Haplo-HSCT for SCD
Study status:
Beginning of enrollment expected in fourth quarter 2019
Deadline for data collection:
Study design:
Prospective, multicenter, interventional phase 2 trial
Primary objective:
Primary efficacy endpoint: Composite Endpoint: Event free survival (EFS). Event is defined as incidence of acute GvHD (Grade II – IV), chronic GvHD (moderate/severe), graft failure (GF), or death (from any reason).
Key secondary endpoint(s): (i) Overall survival (OS); (ii) Disease-free survival (DFS); (iii) Graft failure (GF); (iv) immune-reconstitution; (v) Quality of life (QOL); (vi) Fertility
Key inclusion criteria:
• Age 1yr to 35yrs
• Homozygous hemoglobin S disease or heterozygous hemoglobin SC or S 0/+
• Preexisting severe or moderate SCD related complications:
o Clinically significant neurological event (stroke) or deficit >24h o Silent crisis,
neurocognitive deficit, pathological Angio-MRI with TOF Sequence
o A TCD velocity >200cm/s at 2 occasions >1 month apart
o More than five vaso-occlusive crises (VOC) in the past 1 year
o Two or more episodes of acute chest syndrome (ACS) in their lifetime or one episode of
ACS in the past 24 months
o Receiving chronic, monthly blood transfusions
o Transfusion-refractory allo-immunization
o More than five VOC in a lifetime
o More than five SCD-related hospitalizations in a lifetime
o More than eight transfusions or one exchange transfusion
o Beginning pulmonary hypertension
o Osteonecrosis at more than 2 sites
o Beginning SCD Nephropathy
Principal investigator:
Selim Corbacioglu
Principal investigator email:
EBMT Study coordinator:
Arnaud Dalissier
Study coordinator email:

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