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Introduction to CAR-T cells therapies e-course for Data Managers

EBMT launches a new e-course for data managers about CAR-T cell therapies. This course contains three modules that provide medical background information about CAR-T cell therapies, the most common complications and the importance of reporting on CAR-T cell outcomes and long-term follow-up. 

CAR-T cell and other Immune Effector Cell (IEC) based therapies share similarities with hematopoietic cell transplants, however are strikingly different in many aspects. Having a basic understanding of the medical background of these advanced therapies, will help you and your colleagues with data entry and enhance data quality.


Reporting on CAR-T cell outcomes and LTFU: Role of the EBMT registry
Introduction to CAR-T Cells therapies
Most frequent complications of CAR-T cells

How to register?

The e-course is only available for EBMT members.
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