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HSCT in Autoimmune Diseases E-Course

This e-course is organized by the Autoimmune Diseases Working Party (ADWP).

The EBMT e-learning course has been developed for physicians with a special interest in Haematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HSCT) for Autoimmune Diseases.


Autoimmune diseases are a major cause of morbidity, and their incidence and prevalence continue to rise. HSCT has evolved for >20 years as a specific treatment of patients with severe autoimmune disease, through eradication of the pathologic, immunologic memory and profound immune ‘resetting’. This course will cover all important aspects of HSCT in relation to the pathophysiology and therapy of autoimmune diseases, including current and future indications, immunological mechanisms and novel targets. It brings together most of the world’s leading experts, actively contributing to the evidence base and professional guidelines in the field. The ultimate goal of this e-learning is to support the EBMT ADWP's objective of improving the care of patients receiving HSCT for Autoimmune Diseases.

EBMT Online Learning Course for Autoimmune Diseases is available on the e-learning platform and currently open for EBMT members. The estimated time to do this course is four hours.

Learning objectives

Understand basic concepts in stem cell transplantation for autoimmune diseases, including indications, graft source, and regimen intensity.
Increase knowledge on outcomes of HSCT in most relevant indications compared to best available conventional and biologic therapies.
Recognize possible complications of the transplant procedure and basic treatment principles.


Module 1: State-of-the art

  1. Welcome and Update from the EBMT registry - R. Greco
  2. Autologous HSCT as a treatment for autoimmune disease of the nervous system - H. Atkins
  3. Stem cells in System Sclerosis: Clinical experience and translational relevance - N. Del Papa
  4. State-of-the-art and future perspectives. HSCT in Inflammatory Bowel Disease - M. Rovira

Module 2: Transplant regimens, mechanisms and complications

  1. Immunological basis of HSCT in autoimmune disorders - P. Muraro
  2. HSCT for autoimmune diseases: Current aspects on early and late complications - M. Kazmi
  3. HSCT for multiple sclerosis: Future directions in patient selection and conditioning regimen - R. Saccardi
  4. HSCT for systemic sclerosis: Future directions in patient selection and conditioning regimen - D. Farge
  5. HSCT for Crohn’s disease: future directions in patient selection, mobilization and conditioning regimen - E. Ricart

Module 3: Recommended reading



Participants that pass successfully the Exam will get a certificate of completion. 

How to register?

  1. Log-in into the e-learning platform.
  2. Access the course catalogue.
  3. Enroll.

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