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You asked, we listened – Increase in Inspectors’ Per Diem Payments

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JACIE Inspectors, all of whom are volunteers, are the backbone of JACIE; without them there is no accreditation process. The key benefit of becoming an inspection is the opportunity to contribute to maintaining global quality standards as well as professional development as the inspectors have opportunities to visit and learn from other centres and to develop a truly international network of friends and colleagues within the inspector community.

In 2023, the JACIE office and JACIE Inspectors Committee set up a task force to assess inspectors needs and review the current inspector incentives. In the process, a survey was sent to all inspectors, and 128 responses were received and detailed in this article.

As a result, JACIE will be increasing the Per Diem payment to all the inspectors from €80 per day to €120 per day from 1st July 2024. Per Diem -payment, is meant to cover any ‘running’ costs for the inspectors (e.g. dinner, local travel such as taxis from the hotel to the hospital etc) for the duration of the inspection to ensure that any expenses incurred during the inspection are covered. The Per Diem- payments will continue to be made prior to the inspection date.  In order to facilitate the process, it is important that the inspectors provide the payment details to the accreditation co-ordinator when requested. We hope that this change will allow inspectors to reduce the need for claiming additional expenses via the expense forms in order not to have out of pocket charges during Inspections. However, Inspectors are reminded that, in cases where even the increased Per Diem is not enough to cover your inspection expenses, you can submit the expenses form with the relevant receipts for a reimbursement within one (1) month of the inspection.

If you have any questions regarding your expenses, please contact your corresponding Accreditation Coordinators, or at!

We always welcome new applications to join the JACIE Inspectors Programme – you may find more information at In addition to the individual benefits, the Centres with one active inspector receive a 15% discount, and those with two or more active inspectors receive 25% discount on their accreditation fees.